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Anytime, Anywhere


Relax, Rehydrate, Recover


At our IV Hydration Lounge we make proprietary blended ingredients to enhance and meet the needs of our customers. We also customize our ingredients for any customer wanting to focus on a specific ailment or illness. Our goal is to assist you to relax, rehydrate and recover and optimize your health and outcome. We listen to your needs and we measure our ingredients to provide a successful product. We do not share our proprietary ingredients online however we are happy to discuss them when you come in for your infusion.

Highlighted MINI CUSTOM DRIPS mixed with smaller amounts of ingredients. Make any infusion a mini drip. A 500mL Normal Saline bag with any custom or specialty mix. 
(Excludes: Toradol, Zofran, Dexamethasone, Glutathione)

B12 & B's
B12 + B's

Brain Boosts
Proprietary blends of ingredients properly mixed to integrate a combination of minerals and vitamins that will target brain fog, feelings of mental stress, anxiety, depression, brain fatigue and more. Infused for the benefit of reducing cell oxidation, nerve pain management, inflammation, lowered blood sugar, increased mood, relaxation and more

Recovery & Detox
Proprietary blends of ingredients used to detoxify and cleanse the inner cell, or prompting healing and decreasing inflammation, supporting muscle rebuilding, increasing immunity and improving overall health and wellness. 

Cold & Flu
Vitamins and minerals combined in proprietary blend to support various acute sickness to promote recovery, upper respiratory support, decrease fatigue, boost energy, and much more

Aches & Migraines

* Coral RE'li'ef can be altered to meet a lower price point of $165 smaller dosing of ingredients is required

Add Ons

Copy of Copy of Copy of Select Drips (12).png
Looking for something else?

We'll build a custom drip that suits your needs 

We mix in a ISO 5 Hood so your products are safe an sterile

Intramuscular Injections

B 12  $25
Immunity Boost $35
Lipo Mino  $50
Lipo Gold $50
Power Lipo $55
Detox Lipo $55
Buy any pack 4 get 1 free.


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