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Are you under insured, uninsured or have a high deductible? 

EasyCare now offers direct primary care medical membership.

Save on appointments, care services, and labs.

Are you an Employer?

Would you like to offer your employees a Direct Primary Care Membership to help them live healthier, perform better at work, or to offset medical care and treatment. Contact us for a collaborative quote.

Medical Membership.png


  • Follow-up Appointments 

  • Visits per Month

  • Priority Access

  • Telehealth

  • Small Copays

Basic Membership

  • $50 Application fee/ pp

  • $50/Month-1 year membership

  • $15 office copay per visit

  • 10% off cost for in-clinic treatment (injections, sutures, wound care)

  • 20% off basic lab services, as available in-clinic (must be +18)   


     Want alternative options?

     Direct Primary Care Membership

  •     $100 Application fee/pp

  •      $100/month/pp- (1 year min)

  •       Unlimited sick visits and Telehealth

  •        VIP after hour text and messaging with practitioner

  •       1 Annual Wellness Exam with set of basic labs included

  •       Priority visits

  •       25% off other all in-clinic treatment 

  •      Discounts on limited Wellness Services with Free 1 L Normal Saline with other wellness service purchase

  • 20% discount off additional basic lab services as available in-clinic (must be 18+)


Employer Assisted

     Employer Assisted Membership

  •  Give your employees a medical membership to our clinic and help them take care of their health. Minimize sick days and help your employees get healthy.

  • Includes 1 free weight loss consultation for 18 years and up.

  • Email us for employer quotes

*Our memberships are not a health insurance policy, they are a proprietary service that allows you access to direct care at our health and wellness clinic, while allowing you priority service and discounted prices, as well as a collaboration with our external resources in an attempt to help you meet minimum health care needs. Services included in our memberships are only available and valuable at our clinic. Any need to refer a patient elsewhere will not transfer the membership.


IV Hydration Membership
  • Receive 1 Select IV Drip (up to $145 value)
  • 1 mL Add on ($10 value)
Botox Membership
1 year direct deposit required
  •   Includes 80 units of botulinum toxin a year (making it $9.00/ unit for members)
  •   Receive your first 20 units after 3 payment, or 40 units after 6 payments
  • Additional botulinum toxins at $8/unit starts immediately as well as 
  •  10% off all other Beauty services 

How Copays work

Traditional Care

Cost $295
Sick Visit
Flu Rapid Test
Lab draw fee
1st Primary Care
Laceration Repair

Basic Membership

Membership $49.99/mo
Total Cost: $83.50
Laceration Repair 10% off
1st Primary Care Visit
Lab Draw fee
Flu Rapid 10% off
Sick Visit
Copay $15


With your membership you only have to pay the copays at time of visits. Receive discounts on in-clinic treatments

Save Thousands per year with our WE CARE Membership made simple!

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