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Inspire Motivation: Be In Motion

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Follow me on a new journey as I offer my inspiration and education to clients who are wanting to make change, regrow, manage lifestyle, cope with depression or anxiety or move forward in their journey of life.

Be in Motion are my lessons toward inspiring motivation . Moving is to be in motion or to have great emotion. The phrase is a motto meant to set the stage for great lessons for success in life or success in you.

In my professional endeavor to step into a clinician role I brought all my experience and education to my practice. Years of developing bedside manner, understanding of traditional medical practices, as well as, my interest in functional medicine. With over 20 years of education, my journey in higher education brought me to complete nursing school, a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Sports Science, Master Degree in Public Administration, MSN-Adult Gerontology Degree, and a Postgraduate Degree in Family Nurse Practitioner. All this “being in motion” along with the journey of my life, has brought me to develop this “Be In Motion” motivational lessons. I have many accomplishments throughout my life with being a mother at the top of the list. As a child I grew up in a military family, moving frequently and traveling the country. My childhood, while living on the military bases, was surrounded by a melting pot of cultures and diversity of people. I was raised to accept people, classes, and ranks while living in the military. My parents exposed me early to religion and raised me under the foundation of Catholicism. Our lives most definitely profited through the powers taught by God and the strong bonds brought into belief about family and unity. As no family is free of struggles, it was always important to have empathy, important to forgive, and relevant to move on no matter the struggle. “Moving” What a great word. To always “be in motion” or to have great emotion. This word sets the stage for great lessons for success in life or success in you.

In this fast paced modern world nobody has time to be sick or injured. As a Nurse Practitioner and owner of a small Family Practice Clinic, I learned early that people come to you to “get” better, not necessarily to “be” better. My experience in practice is that the most practical application approach is the most appropriate way to help the patient. However as an educator, case manager, and mother I am driven by the motto that “learning builds knowledge” so of course this encourages me to teach and educate my patients as I believe this to be the best foundation for being a better you!

Keep your eyes out for lessons and lectures that will inspire motivation in you. Coming soon!

Written by April Pretz, APRN, PMC-FNP, MSN, MPA, BESS, ASN

  • Copyright, 2023. April Pretz is the author and creator of Inspire Motivation: Be in Motion and its lessons. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be accessed through use of this website and or associated links is property of the respective owner and may be protected by applicable copyright and other intellectual property laws and treaties. This blog, link or access provided grants you no rights to use such content. Published this day April 11, 2023. ALL RIIGHTS RESERVED. including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For information, address the publisher.

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