New Year and a New You! Welcome GraceLynn Clinic to our location. Now offering beauty and skin care.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Want to start a weight loss program or refresh your look this new year? Let us help as we want you to be confident....because.... "Confidence is Beautiful" at GraceLynn Clinic.

GraceLynn Clinic is now partnering with EasyCare Walk-in Clinic in the Palm Plaza Shopping Center in Niceville. We have joined to expanded our services. GraceLynn Clinic has moved into this location, with a remodel in progress, our suite is offering medical primary care, basic acute care, woman's wellness, beauty and skin care, IV hydration therapy, and soon, oxygen aroma therapy!

GraceLynn Clinic offering botox and fillers for your beauty needs. Also, offering MICC and Lipotropic Nutrient injections for those wanting a natural boost in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Injections that give energy, enhance metabolism, and increase the process of burning fat and carbohydrates.

We have had a number of woman come to us looking for a little "kick" to help them in their weight loss programs. As practitioners we do not support the current use of hormone therapy or phen-phen products for weight loss.

We have offered the injections to some participants and here is what we found.

L.P., 47 yr old female, who is a very busy woman and runs her own business, had recently started and exercise program. She began with a walking program and started a calorie count diet. She was making the necessary changes to her lifestyle, despite her hectic schedule, but she just felt she needed a little more energy. L.P. came to the clinic and we started her on the Lipo Mino injections once a week. She was skeptical at first, but in her second week reported that after the injections she felt her energy increase, and in addition, noticed her food cravings significantly decreased. Without changing anything else in her routine she lost 4 additional pounds in those two weeks. She is still continuing with the injections at this time.

H.D, 32 yr old female, came to us, not on any program or restrictive diet, and was asking if we could help her with weight loss. H.P. willing to try the Lipo Mino injection with the IV amino acid infusions started her infusion/injections, she was not in a place to add exercise as her husband was out of town and she has two children under 6. She did commit to addressing her snacks during the day. She started with eating low carbohydrate/keto snacks and acknowledging how to portion sizing throughout the day. H.D. lost 6 lbs in two weeks and was very verbal about how much more energy she had, she also said that portion sizing was easier because her appetite felt suppressed.

A.T., a 36 yr old female, works in retail, her schedule is crazy and inconsistent. She reported that she gained a significant amount of weight due to a foot injury last year, and is 45 pounds heavier as a result. She starter the Lipo Mino injections with the IV infusions as well and is reporting that her energy is through the roof, that she can feel the difference in her metabolism, however, states that she doesn't feel as hungry and finds that she is eating more frequent small meals instead of large heavy meals. She said she has been focusing on healthy snack options and starting to get back to the gym. The second week she felt she could see the benefit of the injections and began calorie counting as well. Her weigh-in resulted in 4 lb weight loss. She is still going and had another 2 lbs this week.

More updates to come this week as most of our participants weigh-in on Wednesday.

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