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Thanksgiving Fun and Just in Case-First Aid!

Families across our nation travel and gather during the week of Thanksgiving to celebrate the coming together of victories, ending of droughts, and the joy of great harvests. With generations of family members celebrating over an extensive meal, weeklong gatherings, holiday shopping, vacation preparations and elaborate meals to honor the season.

From Corn hole to Football, oven roasting to frying a turkey, this is the number one holiday with the most burns, lacerations, and heart attacks reports in ERs. With so much fun involved it is important to be prepared for those uncalculated moments of cuts, burns, breaks, colds, flus and more. At EASYCARE CARE FIRST AID STORE we have gathered a list for your use to help stock your THANKSGIVING FIRST AID CABINET , list release November 1, 2023. Our online store is an affiliate store and is online only, and our recommendations are made by our providers based on personal or clinical use.

Although First Aid is important it is pertinent to be prepared for signs and symptoms of common Thanksgiving MEDICAL EMERGENCIES. When in doubt always seek 911 or your closest emergency department.


Heart Attack- persistent chest pain or pressure, uncommon numbness, tingling or radiating pain to the jaw, shoulder, or arm; cold clammy sweating skin, unexplained nausea/vomiting, persistent facial or head pain, elevated blood pressure, or severe crushing chest pain these can be accompanied in pairs on individually.

Stroke- numbness or tingling to one side of the body, face or limb, slurred speech, severe persistent headache, unexplained visual disturbances, inability to move or speak, and severe elevated blood pressure.

Severe Dehydration related to food poisoning or illness- dry eyes, persistent nausea/vomiting, possible low-grade fever, tenting of the skin under the lower eye lid or on the back of the hand, fruity or alcohol smelling breath. Lack of urination in a 24-hour period. Inability to keep down liquids.

If you are unsure if any of the above signs or symptoms are signs of a significant severe illness, please seek medical attention.


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