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Meet The Team

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April Pretz, APRN, FNP-C
Autonomous Practitioner

April Pretz is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is the owner and operator of EasyCare Family Medical Clinic. She treats patients ages 2 and up and is accepting new patients to her practice!

April Pretz is board certified through the AANP, received her FNP degree from University of Massachusetts, MSN from the West Coast University, MPA from Troy University, and her B.E.S.S from University of Florida.

April has been in the medical field for more than 20 years with 15 years in nursing. She has lived local on the Emerald Coast since 1989 and is a 1993 Niceville High School graduate!

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Gabrielle Merckle,

Gabrielle Merckle  has over 17 years in the medical field, 9 in nursing and her last 2 years in education and practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is a Full Alumni of Southern University were she earned her BSN, MSN and FNP degree over the last 9 years

EasyCare Friends and Family,


We are excited to announce some new changes!


NP Pretz and Merckle have received autonomous licenses from the State of Florida. We are now accepting new patients ages 2 and up. We are out of network for all insurance however we will provide our patients a superbill to submit a claim to their insurance.  We have lowered our office visit to $100 and will only up charge for office treatment when needed. We also are now offering self-scheduling online for same day or days in advance. Same day, schedule now and be seen in 30 mins when available. 

EasyCare Health and Wellness Clinic has made  changes as we are offering multiple services in one location:   Family Medical Clinic, IV Hydration Lounge, nutrition and weight loss counseling, Botox and fillers, PRP facials and intradermal injections - treating inflammation.


EasyCare Health and Wellness Clinic Staff

OUR MISSION: Providing  Affordable, Convenient, Quality care.

Additional services on location:

Our location is also sponsoring The Drip Tide IV Hydration Therapy.  IV hydration enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A natural option to help fight fatigue, dehydration, colds, flu, migraines, anxiety, depression and many other chronic conditions. Great for hangovers, just off the beach, have jet lag, or if you are fighting a gastrointestinal bug or the flu. We have had great results helping our clients get back on their feet and back to work or play. Our IV Hydration Lounge has 5 chairs, Please online book. IVs that are vitamin enriched infusions to revive and hydrate.


Other services we provide are BOTOX FILLERS, Micro-needling, and PRP and Infrared Sauna


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